The new way to illuminate your modern indoor spaces is here! S TRACK revolutionizes indoor lighting with its unique track system and user-friendly features.


Comes with a wide range of different lighting modules, allowing you to customize your space according to your needs and preferences. Our track system can be easily installed by mounting it on the ceiling, enabling you to create the lighting configuration you desire.

Like our other products, these lamps are also resistant to high peak voltages and have heat protection. Moreover, thanks to the driver inside the lamp, they do not produce any frequency and do not pose a risk of fire.

The lamps on it can be changed as models and can be attached in different ways. So you can reflect the atmosphere you want in your space.

The lamps can be adjusted to desired positions and can rotate 360 degrees around their own axis. Additionally, they can be moved up and down by 120 degrees, allowing you to focus in the desired direction.

Meet your lighting needs wherever you need them. Let us design and deliver products tailored to your requirements. Let’s solve and illuminate your needs!

Click the button below to see the catalog. Bring a new breath to your indoor spaces with modern and practical lighting solutions!

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